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Cleaning Services


Home Cleaning

Extensive cleaning focusing on needed areas leaving your homes spic and span.

Aircon Cleaning

Done by oir expert technicians, cleaning and pressure washing with condenser and filter cleaning.


At the comforts of your home, all your laundry will be as crisp as a linen.

Commercial Building Cleaning

A comprehensive janitorial service for your clinics, stores, restaurants or any business establishment.

Special Service Cleaning

This includes carpet, aircon, plumbing, pest control , plumbing and anything you might want us to do for you.


Spic and Span Homes in a Snap

CleanWorks is a team of trained professionals in terms of cleaning, making and leaving your homes and offices/buildings spic and span. It is the go-to site and app for the busy household.

We offer services that can cover almost everything around your homes and offices/buildings: furnitures, aircons, walls, rooms, laundry and more. All services are done by trustworthy individuals or teams (depending on your requested service) who has in-depth knowledge and extensive training on their assigned field. Requesting for service and scheduling have been made simplest and rates very reasonable.

CleanWorks guarantees its full support to our clients before, during and even after the cleaning process. Our lines are kept open during our cleaning hours; beyond which, sending us an email will be acknowledged.

CleanWorks is open and we are looking forward for you to let us in to your homes and make it your ‘comfort zone’.

We Promise

A guarantee of quality service.


All our cleaners and service providers submitted their NBI clearance and verified government ID’s. Upon request, we can provide you with such.


Cleaners and Service providers have undergone interviews and scrutinous evaluation.

Learned makes sure that all our people are not just educated and trained, they are all learned.


We got you covered up to Php 2,500 for destroyed or spoiled jobs.


A peek of how low our rates are. Price shown includes Basic Cleaning with One Cleaner.

1 Hour Cleaning

Starts at


1 Hour & 30 Mins Cleaning

Book only for


2 Hours Cleaning

Book only for


3 Hours Cleaning

Book only for


How It Works

Book ahead your cleaning for next season


1. Download the App

Download App for Free at Google Play or App Store. Create account and get verified.


2. Book

Select what type of cleaning services. Schedule date and time. Provide location for the service.


2. Book

Select what type of cleaning services. Schedule date and time. Provide location for the service.


3. Searching

We will search for our I'm a cleaner service provider nearest your location and get notified when your booking is accepted. Until then, sit back and wait for them to knock on your door. Once the job is completed, you can pay directly to our i'm a cleaner service provider.

Corporate Office Cleaning

A mess-free workplace is a productive one. Enjoy and be safe working in a clean environment and feel the difference. You may also have us as your regular cleaning service provider to maintain a clutter-free, dinsinfected and crisp clean workplace. We do surface cleaning of your workplaces, pantry and comfort rooms; mopping and polishing of floors; carpet and aircon cleaning, pest control and we do laundry as well. Let us know how you wanted your offices cleaned and we will do our best to give it to you.